Kirstie Alley

    Is Kirstie Alley orRalph Macchio in the final of DWTS or password? Dancing with the Stars down about four years,

    I can see that they were easily divided into two groups. Other foreigners and Kirstie Alley is Ralph Macchio.

    Ralph Macchio Karate Kid has shown his character in the popular Moxy. Begin to dance like that, never sent he overcame his fear and had a great time. Read More...Kirstie Alley

    Publication: National Enquirer
    Date: 16 May 2011

    The Flagship continues their crusade against fat Scientologists this week, calling Kirstie Alley a liar. Here are the headlines.

    • Kirstie's Gastric Bypass Secret
    • how she really lost 70 lbs.
    • her weight loss lies exposed
    Good for her for losing weight. It's not easy, I know. Bad on the Enquirer for never giving her even a moment's rest or credit.

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